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Cleansing Social Media

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

A woman of a certain class or level of sophistication knows not to put everything out there for the public to see. This doesn't mean she doesn't let her hair down or cut up with her girlfriends from time to time, it just means she knows what is acceptable to share with the world.

Perception is everything and a Women of Five Star Status acknowledges that

When you think of Michelle Obama you think of class and sophistication. I'm pretty sure there are times when she lets loose and has maybe a bonnet on her head or wears a bikini when she's with Barak but you would never catch her posting any type of picture like that. It's the same first impression a person has when they walk into your house. If your house smells and is dirty they immediately will have a perception of you even before you speak or open your mouth.

Pictures that shouldn't be posted on social media

When creating your posts don't show the following:

  • No tongue

  • No negative gestures (Middle Finger)

  • No Cleavage

  • No display of your stomach

  • No clothing that is revealing private parts

  • No crazy quotes

  • No twerking

  • No booty shots

Here are some examples of what not to post:

Here are some example of what you can post:

So again to recap image is everything...1st impressions some times can be last impressions and can possibly affect a potential opportunity.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
May 14, 2022

I am a Baby Boomer Sister and I Love, just Love what you are putting down. Just, really hope the younger Sisters will Pick- up on this wisdom you are sharing and offering to them! Keep this going, the Angels are with you my Dear One!!!

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