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Healthy Dating...The Do's and Don'ts

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Being healthy is not only about eating healthy but there is such a thing as dating healthy.

On October 30th, Five Star Women of Color, Inc. hosted a FREE workshop on healthy dating with special guest and dating expert Kimberly E.

Kimberly E. also know as "GirlGotItAll" has been ranked #10 out of the top 40 dating Instagram influencers most followed in 2021. In 2019 she launched her public dating course and has helped women find love and meet high quality men.

Kimberly E. gave us tips on topics such as:

  1. Where to meet successful men

  2. Conversational Skills

  3. Body Language/Body Confidence

If you missed out on the workshop the full video is below.

I hope this workshop was helpful and please stay tuned for many more.

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