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How it all started

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Since my early 20's right out of college I have always been calling my girlfriends and myself 5 Star women. In my eyes we were just that....High Quality Women.

Here are the 5 Stars at that time:

  1. No Children

  2. Nice bodies/Attractive

  3. Educated with one or 2 degrees

  4. Independent living - not living at home with parents. Some of us had already purchased homes

  5. Having a Career and not just a job.

All these factors listed above were true for me which is why I didn't stay on the market long. I was engaged at 25 years of age, married at 26 years of age and had my 1st child at 27 a son and my second child at 30 a daughter.

Fast forward to my mid 40's, the definition I created for a 5 star woman in my 20's doesn't truly apply to me at 46 years old. So I decided to redefine the characteristics of a 5 star woman. This modified description can appeal to woman of all ages.

Again the definition is based on my point of view and my opinion.

1. Educated ( Either degree or certification)

2. Sophisticated and Cultured

3. Attractive Appearance (Overall attractive appearance at all times)

  • Healthy/fit body type

  • Taking care of her skin

  • Taking care of her hair

4. Home Ownership (experienced the process of buying property)​

5. Financial Security (Not living pay check to pay check)

  • Financial Freedom​

Now let's be clear this ranking has nothing to do with getting a man or a husband or finding the love of your life. These 5 stars are about you and for you to be the highest quality of a woman for yourself. I believe women who posses all of these stars are well rounded women who can add and contribute to society in a positive way. They are role models for their children especially their daughter(s) and young females who are watching and looking up to them.

After saying all of this I had to go through the process of ranking myself. Being 100% transparent I determined I am a 5 star. As the creator of this organization I myself will continue to go through many journeys to increase my knowledge as a 5 star woman. On this site I will be blogging what I've learned as I go through many journeys. If you would like to learn with me and see my videos please go to my YouTube channel and subscribe My Journey - to Five Star Status

"Thoughts become words, Words become actions and Actions become reality"

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