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Self-Care is ….?

Can you complete that statement? And do you actually implement that statement personally in your life? A lot of women are so busy making moves and providing for others that we unconsciously put ourselves last. We don’t always take the necessary time for self.

What is a Self-Care Workshop?

The self-care workshop is designed to inform, empower and protect individuals from stress, overwhelm, compassion fatigue and burnout.

The workshop supported individuals to explore boundaries and ways in which to support and protect themselves from burnout.

Workshop Included:

  • Self-Reflective Exercises

  • Meditation Session

  • Breathing Exercises

  • Light lunch

The month of December can be a very stressful time, so the Board decided to coordinate a self-care workshop for the Five Star Women of Color members. Two presenters were invited to conduct the self-care workshop. The workshop facilitators explained that their exercises and activities focused on three (3) categories of self-care.

The first area was emotional self-care. The presenters explained that this area included things such as:

1. taking weekly bubble baths

2. saying "no" to things that cause unnecessary stress

3. setting up weekly meetings with a friend

The second area was physical self-care. Activities in this area included:

1. developing an exercise routine

2. eating healthy food

3. getting enough sleep

The third area was spiritual self-care. Activities in this area included:

1. meditating

2. spending time with nature

3. keeping a gratitude journal

After each self-care area was presented, we each participated in the various activities and discussed the benefits of the different activities. Everyone in attendance enjoyed the workshop and gained much-needed knowledge.

Ladies make a change and take time out for yourself. Remember Self Care is Self Love and there is nothing Selfish about that!

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