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Purpose of Organization

You do not have to have all 5 stars to join!

To nurture, educate and transform women of color who are of African descent to evolve into sophisticated, cultured women who own property, are health conscious and have financial security. By doing this, we as women will become better role models and tear down negative stereotypes and stigmas associated with women of color. 

Mission of Organization

The organization will expose their members to educational opportunities that will help them enhance themselves in the different 5 star areas (own property, education, culture/sophistication, attractive appearance and financial security). It will also give them the opportunities to come together and discuss issues and concerns that most women go through and struggle on their own. This organization represents a safe zone for women to share and get sisterly feedback and guidance.

My latest projects

The Five Stars



A woman who has invested in her education whether it's a degree from college or a certification. She sees the importance of adding to her knowledge base.

Financially  Secure


A woman who is financially secure and is not living pay check to pay check. She has savings and money resources that give her financial stability.


 A woman who currently or has previously owned property. This means she has experienced the process of purchasing a home.

Owns Property

Cultured/ Sophisticated

A woman who displays a level of culture and sophistication. She is refined and can be comfortable in a variety of settings. She is well versed on social and economic topics


Attractive Appearance


A woman who overall has an attractive appearance. She is health conscious and has a healthy and fit body type. A woman who sees the value of taking care of her skin, her hair and her outer appearance. She is knowledgeable of what things to wear that compliment her image.

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