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Membership Application

Personal Information:
Five Star Questionnaire:

In order to get to know you better, please answer the questions located below.

1) What is your highest level of education?

 2) Do you have certification in a professional area?

If you selected Yes,  list your area of certification below:

3) Do you currently own property?

If you selected  No, answer the question found below:

3a.) Have you ever owned property?

4) What is your definition of a sophisticated women?

5) Excluding your own culture, what other cultures have you been exposed to?

6) Is saving money a habit that you possess?

7) Do you lose sleep over your finances?

8) What skills and experiences do you have that would benefit the "Five Star Women of             Color" organization?

9) When you enter a room what are some of the characteristics that a person               would use to describe you?

10) Why do you want to join the "Five Star Women of Color" organization?

Thanks for submitting, We will be in touch with you soon!

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