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The Five Stars



A woman who has invested in her education whether it's a degree from college or a certification. She sees the importance of adding to her knowledge base.

Financially  Secure


A woman who is financially secure and is not living pay check to pay check. She has savings and money resources that give her financial stability.


 A woman who currently or has previously owned property. This means she has experienced the process of purchasing a home.

Owns Property

Cultured/ Sophisticated

A woman who displays a level of culture and sophistication. She is refined and can be comfortable in a variety of settings. She is well versed on social and economic topics


Attractive Appearance


A woman who overall has an attractive appearance. She is health conscious and has a healthy and fit body type. A woman who sees the value of taking care of her skin, her hair and her outer appearance. She is knowledgeable of what things to wear that compliment her image.

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