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Self Reflection/Self Evaluation!

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

After deciding to start this journey to be a Five Star Women the next thing I needed to do was self reflect and evaluate myself against the stars. Boy was this exercise liberating and an eye opener. I had to take a deep dive within myself , peel back the layers and not just evaluate on the surface.

Education - Checked

Yes I posse that star. I have my bachelor's degree in Mathematics, several certification and I am currently pursing my MBA.

Own Property - Checked

Yes I have that star. I purchased my very 1st home back on my own when I was 25 years old before marriage and children. Six years ago I purchased my 2nd home.

Financially Secure - Thumbs Down

That's going to be a negative. Even though I make a good amount of money, I am a single mother who solely is responsible for the welfare of my two children. I finance their education (private college and private high school), medical and dental needs, their extra curriculum activities, clothing and so much more. You name it I do it. None the less this is not an excuse but this has been a major factor in my struggle to become financially secure.

Sophisticated/ Cultured - Checked

Yes I have that star. I am a person that craves knowledge and thirsts to learn new things. That can range from different cultures, food, music, art, religion and languages. I expose myself to different environments that allows me to engage with people of different backgrounds and this add to my knowledge base. I am comfortable and know how to speak and conduct myself in different cultural settings.

Attractive Appearance - Thumbs Down

That's going to be a negative. Even though I take care of my skin and hair I have room for improvement when it comes to my healthy image or in other words my body. I medically would be considered overweight, I'm 5'2 and I definitely don't weigh within my range for that height. Also I need to work on the concept of always stepping out of the house looking ready/cute/attractive.

So to sum up everything I would be a 3 Star woman of color, but that's okay...that just means I have to work to do and so my journey begins.

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